Collection of resignation letter templates

It's great when you get an offer for another great job, but it's also important to resign your current job properly. Check out bellow resignation letter samples and the tips for writing a professional resignation letter.

How to inform your current company that you are leaving in 2 weeks

How to write a proper resignation letter to inform your current company that you are leaving without breaking up your relationship with your manager, your colleage

A professional resignation letter example

If you are going to leave your company on good terms, it’s important that you need to submit a letter of resignation. You might want to quickly write your resignation letter to prepare for the new job, this will help you to keep a good relationship and op

Properly job resignation letter example

This is just one example of a letter resigning from your current job. For more tips and suggestions see our article, How to Resign From Your Job Diplomatically, as well as our Resignation Do’s and Don’ts.